North Seattle Veterinary Clinic

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Preparedness Plan

To help keep our staff, clients and greater community safe, we are following the AVMA, WSVMA and WHO recommendations on increasing distance, increasing disinfection and reducing social contact. As such, we have adopted the following protocols:

  • ALL APPOINTMENTS WILL BE NO-CONTACT. We are asking clients to TEXT us at 206-523-7187 from the parking lot to let us know of your arrival. Our appointment technicians will be taking a verbal history of your pet's health and the reason for your visit over the phone and will meet you in the parking lot to take your pet inside for their exam with the doctor. Please have your pet safely restrained with a leash or carrier and ready to hand off outside of the car when the technician arrives.
  • You will be asked to wait outside or in your car and the doctor will call again to discuss exam findings and present a treatment plan and cost estimate.
  • Payments will be made over the phone with our client care team and your pet and any medications will be brought out to you at the completion of the visit.
  • If you are feeling ill (cough, sore throat, fever, changes in breathing) please cancel your appointment, and call back to reschedule when you have been well for at least 3 days. Or have a healthy friend or family member bring your pet in for you. If someone else brings your pet in, please be available by phone to discuss your concerns or allow your friend or family member to make medical decisions in your absence.
  • We will be using our own disinfected leashes for mobile dogs and will ask you to remove your leash and collar at the car for transfer. If your small dog is not mobile, or you are bringing in a cat, rabbit or pocket pet, please have them in a carrier for transport.
  • Starting Monday March 23rd, we will be rescheduling routine wellness exams, non-essential visits (nail trims, annual vaccine boosters, etc.) and routine spay/neuter/elective surgeries out at least 60 days. We will only be taking sick/injured pet exams, recheck/follow up appointments for ongoing health issues, new puppies and kittens that need to start a vaccine series, current patients that must finish a vaccine series, current patients that must have an exam or labwork to continue on chronic medications, and medically necessary surgical/anesthetic appointments, including all dental appointments and oral surgeries
  • We also have telemedicine appointments available via the Zoom app for some health conditions that do not require a full physical exam. Please call our office to discuss and set up an appointment.206-523-7187
  • If you need to pick up medications or food, please call ahead to pay for the items over the phone. When you arrive, please call and let us know you are here and we will bring the items out to you. Also know we have a wonderful online pharmacy where you can purchase medications and foods delivered to your home. Click here to shop. *Please note we are unable to mail prescriptions from our office to your home at this time.*
  • At this time, we have not had any confirmed cases of Covid-19 in our hospital staff. Thank you again for helping us keep it that way! 😊

There is no evidence at this time that your pets can carry or transmit the virus. Experts do recommend, as a precaution,  to limit your contact with both pets and people if you are showing symptoms of the virus and allowing a healthy family member to care for pets if possible. If you must care for your pets while ill, they recommend washing hands before and after care and avoiding petting, snuggling and kissing your pets until you are well again.

We plan to remain open and are keeping our posted office hours per usual unless otherwise instructed. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any pet healthcare concerns. We look forward to seeing you and your pets soon.

Thank you for your support for our team.

Dr. Adawna Windom, DVM

Dr. Melissa Nathanson, DVM

Dr. Jessica Allmendinger, DVM

Dr. Craig Meredith, DVM

Dr. Amy Neer, DVM

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